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Non-Euclidean Alpine Adventures is an on-going widespread project that takes place in different locations to visit and *alpine guides* to encounter in Milan, Palermo, Trento, Paris, Barcelona, Stockholm, Bali, Jakarta, Berlin, London and in your personal library, triggering a reflection about our ways of proceeding and the tools we activate in order to explore our personal stories by making them flexible.

The show has been exhibited:

Temporary Boccanera Gallery, Via Ventura 6, Milan (20 Sept - 30 Oct 2016)
Caffè Internazionale, Via San Basilio 37, Palermo (19 - 29 Sept 2016)

Lavanderia Del Corso, Corso Vittorio Emanuele 141 (19 Sept - ongoing)
Boccanera Gallery, Via Milano 128, Trento (3 Oct 2015 - 19 jan 2016)

Hairdresser Salone Ines - installation (3 Oct 2015 - ongoing)
University of Literature and Philosophy - research project (3 Oct 2015 - 19 jan 2016)
Cableway cabin Trento - Sardagna - installation (3 Oct 2015 - 19 jan 2016)

Monte Abeona- trip/party (3 Oct 2015)

*The alpine guides are special persons who offer trekking in a dialogue or hiking form.
  To book a tour with one or more of them please write below


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